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Welcome to Mighty Pen Productions

This site will be the dumping ground for several organizations:

  • Mighty Pen Productions - Music publishing
  • Surrealist Beauty Commune - random acts of fish
  • Zoomite Defense League - keeping the faith undead
  • Gothic Banjo Resource - and why not!
Breaking News

Mighty Pen Productions is pleased to announce the imminent release of Roadworthy the debut CD of Hicks & Dawe, a Toronto-based duet. Ten original tunes and two covers with guitar and banjo. Not quite folk, not quite reggae, not quite jazz, definitely not country. Stay tuned!

For today, the only things here are four banjo tunes - recorded with Tripa, a Grand Dame Quadroon model open back banjo made by Bob Flesher and played by Loren Hicks. The recordings were simply (and roughly) made with a mike inside the pot, wired into the mike slot of a PC. So - here's the tunes...

Me and Al
Metis Battle Flag - 1885